Bridges Thanksgiving Dinner Tomorrow, many students coming!!!

Hi friends, this is something that is relatively new, and we will talk about it more in our letter, but right now I am helping out with something called Bridges at Indiana University /Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI). Bridges is a ministry that seeks to help international students through service activities, social networking and spiritual resources. On IUPUI, 10% of the student body is international students, and one way that we have been serving them is by having a Bible Study on Fridays, followed by a Conversation Club, both of these providing them with an opportunity to learn about Christ while working on their English skills. In the past we have had about 20 students, many of whom are Asian, and non-Christian coming to our club and Bible study, which is something we are really excited about, however things are getting more exciting!!!

Tomorrow we are having a Thanksgiving Dinner at the time we usually meet, where we will be providing these international students with some of the food that we eat on Thanksgiving, and a chance to experience what  Thanksgiving is all about. We sent an e-mail to all the International Students at IUPUI (the university allowed us to use their e-mail list for this purpose). A short time later I was told that 50 students had e-mailed back to say they were coming!!! Right now we aren’t sure how many students will end up coming, but we are excited that we will have the chance to form relationships with a lot of new students. Please pray for everyone on staff who will be there tomorrow, that students will see through us what a life with Christ is like and find it irresistible, that we will form new friendships that will be impactful, and that the difference God has made in our lives will be unmistakable.

Karen and I are both eagerly looking forward to this opportunity to make new friends tomorrow, and eat a great Thanksgiving dinner!! Thank you for your prayers and support that allows us to serve here, we look forward to sharing more about how this day unfolds in our next letter.