Dying Egg’s and Talking about Resurrection Sunday at IUPUI

This has been a busy week, we only have two weeks left before our summer assignment, and in the office there is still so much to do. Right now I am trying to connect with as many of our office staff as possible to make sure that their computer’s are in good working order going into this summer, this way they are hopefully equipped to continue strong in our summer  assignments when I am not there to help them full time. It has been rewarding to train them in how to take better care of their computer and fixing the small problems they have.

Also many of you might have heard about this but when Karen was still working at Steak N’ Shake full time, she led one of her co-workers to Christ. Today he went to Church with us and was baptized. Please pray for Brian to grow in his faith. He is a little mentally disabled, so pray for us as we work to connect him with people here in Indianapolis who can help him be better connected with the church, and grow better in his relationship with Christ.

Finally, at IUPUI this week, we talked with the international students during Bible Study about the Resurrection of Christ, and why it was important. Then during conversation club afterwards, we dyed eggs, since it is something a lot of Americans do around this time of year. Here are some pictures below.