Every Student Sent!!!

This past month has been exciting, with our Every Student Sent conference that took place. This conference is targeted at soon to be graduating students, who are deciding what they want to do when they leave college. Most of them want to serve the Lord in their vocation, and this conference really speaks to students to motivate them to pursue God in the choices they make for their future. Roger Hershey was our speaker.

The first night of the conference, Roger talked about our expectations out of life, and having a proper biblical perspective on life. We can expect that because God loves us, we can trust him to provide and care for us. But in addition to this, because we live in a fallen world, we know that there will be some suffering, and there is a sacrifice required, and that we must yield our own rights. He talks about embracing the same attitude of sacrifice that Christ did.

The second session talked about decision making, and pursuing our callings in life. Hershey talked about our primary calling being to be submissive to the Lordship of Christ in our lives, and our secondary calling to be how we will serve him. Much of what he talked about was discovering what your specific gifts and talents and passions are, and using those to serve God.

The third session was about living with an eternal perspective. This life is not all there is. We talked about how fleeting life is, and how our citizenship is in heaven. We are told to set our mind on heavenly things. Many students are trying to decide whether to get jobs in the marketplace, or to pursue full time ministry. The question should be “Jesus, you are Lord of my life. Which way should I go?” God can and does use people in both ways, but we should be receptive to him, and how He may want to use us. Hershey painted a picture of what it will be like when Christ returns, and how much we have to look forward to that day. This is what we are living for, for Jesus, not the world’s approval.

The last thing we learned about was being good stewards of what God has given us. Hershey brought up the parable of the talents, and using what God has given us to serve him. He talked about the master (Jesus) going away, and the good servants were those who used what they were given to serve Him while he was gone. They were able to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.” We should desire above all else to please our Lord and Savior, and use what he has given us for His glory.

In addition Steve had a chance to meet with three students that were interested in learning more about serving God by working in operations with Campus Crusade, and he had a chance to fix a lot of comptuer problems that some of our staff, who usually are far away, were having. This was an awesome conference, and the students were challenged in their faith, and challenged to step out where they are and allow God to use them.

To see more from this conference including the talks that Hershey gave go here http://greatlakescru.com/conferences/ess.