More On Karen’s Role

The Great Lakes Region of Cru is big, and there is a lot of ministry going on in the field. In the Great Lakes Region, we have over 500 staff, and about 120 of them are serving overseas. The rest of them are here in these four states, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. In this region our staff are trying to reach all of the approximately 14% of college students in the United States, while serving about 20% of the students involved with Cru in the U.S. With a mission field this big, and this many staff to support, a lot of people are needed working behind the scenes in the regional office. Unfortunately, we always need more people.

This year, I am going to try to solve this problem, by working with multiple teams in the office as needed. Some of the teams I will be working with are teams like the Sending Team. The sending team is the team that helps students who are interested in giving a year of their lives in ministry to get connected with ministries in our area and around the world. They help students determine which ministries are best suited for them to serve with, based on their skills and calling. They resource students to effectively and efficiently raise support while keeping in line with biblical teaching. They also provide training materials for spiritual growth and help students know how to effectively communicate with partners in ministry while on the field. Usually, the sending team works with over 100 short-term staff.

I’ll also be working with the Conference Team. The conference team puts on conferences for regional staff and students from November through May. One of our conferences for students includes the Christmas conference. This is our biggest conference, and we usually have over 2000 students who attend. The point of this conference is to encourage students to take next steps in their faith. This might mean making the decision to follow Christ for the first time, deciding to devote a yearof their lives in ministry, or even deciding to end an unhealthy relationship. Another conference we put on is our Greek conference. This conference focuses on students who are involved in fraternities and sororities througout our region. It allows students to connect with one another and grow in their relationship with Christ. It also encourages and equips them to reach out to their Greek brothers and sisters, and other students on campus. Because of the Greek life movement, there is a growing network of students who are leading small groups and Bible studies, and reaching students on their campuses.