More On Steve’s Role

As we’ve mentioned before, Steve is doing a few different things with Campus Crusade this year. One of the things he is doing is Video Production, and he is also helping to come up with Tech Solutions and providing tech support. These are terms that you may not encounter every day so I’m going to take a moment to help you understand exactly what Tech Design and Support mean.

Tech Support

Have you ever had your computer die, at a really bad time. Have you gotten a virus, that you couldn’t git rid of, no matter what you do. Have you ever had questions about how to use your computer. Part of what I do with tech support is help our staff with problems they run into while they are using their computers, so they can spend less time worrying about computer problems, and more time working on their specific role in ministry.

Tech Design

Tech Design is designing technical solutions. Technology is becoming a big part of ministry. It is empowering us to do more than we ever could have before. As technology changes, we can further empower our staff with Campus Crusade, and even with other organizations, by coming up with technical solutions that help them do their jobs better and more effectively. A prime example of this is TntMPD. TntMPD was developed a few years ago by a man on staff in the International Headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ. It was developed for staff to use to help with the administrative side of Ministry Partner Development. Staff who use it from Campus Crusade for Christ and over 40 other mission organizations, find that they have more hours every week for ministry, because they are more efficient at the administrative work they would otherwise put into Ministry Partner Development. (You can read more about TntMPD here)

One problem that we have encountered with this program however, is that there are a lot of staff who can’t use it. An increasing number of staff are using Macs, and it only works on Windows computers. Some estimates indicate that as much as 1/3rd of our Campus Staff are probably unable to use this software because they use Macs. To help with this problem, I worked with the creator of this program, and another technically savvy guy in the international office, to port this program over to Macs this year. Because of our efforts, hundreds of staff will soon be able to start using this program, saving them hours every week that they can devote to ministry.

What Others Are Saying

Here are a few things that others on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ are saying about Steve’s ministry, and how God has used Steve to help them.

Ann Benson – International Campus Staff Coordinator
Steve plays a significant role in reaching the college students in the Great Lakes Region of Campus Crusade for Christ and around the world in our 12 partnership locations. His role on our Operations Team helps enable us to utilize technology in a maximum way as we seek to win students to Christ, build them in their faith and then send them out to help change the world for Christ. I’m personally very grateful for the help he’s given me this past year when I had numerous issues with my computer. I’m responsible for staying connected with about 100 Campus Crusade for Christ staff who serve around the world and I can’t do that without a computer that works properly. Stephen has made that happen. Investing in his ministry is definitely an investment in seeing the Great Commission fulfilled!

Mike Slagle – Campus Staff with Ohio Cru
Having TntMPD on Macs help to free up 2-3 hours a week that can be used for other ministry purposes. At the end of a month, I have an extra day that can be spent having spiritual conversations with students that don’t know the Lord as well as building into believers. I’m grateful how the projects Steve is involved with directly impact my ministry here in Columbus, OH.