Other Blogs

Hi guys, Steve here. Did you know that there are other blogs that I write in. It hasn’t been happening much as it is relatively new, but I write for my work blog which is zerocanvas.com. This is a resource for Campus Crusade staff, and there I  write about tech stuff, including practical things that they should be doing. Soon I will also be writing there more about how they can utilize technology to make ministry easier, or do things that they may not have previously thought about. In addition, I also write for seventy8productions.com. seventy8 Productions was something that Jeremy Smith and I started back when we were both volunteers for Youth for Christ in Bluffton OH. Now we strive to make it a free resource for people involved in student ministries everywhere. It isn’t a formal organization of any type, it is just a few people who want to take the experience and knowledge that they have and share it with others. You can read some the posts I have written with seventy8 Productions by visiting this link http://www.seventy8productions.com/author/steve/. I also plan on cross posting some of the things I post else where here.